Gluten or not to Gluten?

I have decided to go gluten free. I am posting this more for my own recollection of the day I started to make the change than for my attempt to let everyone know what I am doing. Josh is halfway through his third week of grad school. Three of his classmates have a gluten intolerance and yesterday he had a in depth discussion about it with them. He came home from school and explained to me that I have every major sign of a gluten intolerance. It is something that I have considered before, but I am so addicted to pastas, breads, cakes and pretty much everything that is filled with delicious glutens. I kept my thoughts about a possible intolerance to myself because of the fear that someone would make me give up the foods I love. Now, you must understand, in my mind I say someone with make, or force, me to do things, in reality it is my husband and family helping and supporting me with the decisions I make for myself. I use the excuse internally that someone is making me do things because then if I mess up I am letting them down instead of letting myself down.

Anyway, that was way off subject. One of the things that Josh explained to me, that I had never heard before, is that the intolerance for gluten is actually the cause of the addiction I feel to specific foods. This is the exact reason why I have decided to attempt to be gluten free. I am going to go about it at a much slower rate than I have ever done for any other dietary change. Because I now work from home I do most of the cooking, and Josh takes over when I feel I need a break (or when he wants to cook). I do all of the grocery shopping. We do not eat out barely ever. These are all factors that differ from when we lived in Utah that will be really helpful for this change to take place. Also, the huge movement created by the 10% population discovering they too have a gluten intolerance have made the availability of alternative foods vast.

We will continue to eat the things that we already have in the house, and I will start buying up GF products when we run out.

From a coworker a few years ago I acquired a recipe for “all purposed flour” that does not contain wheat flour. This will be the biggest test for how successful going gluten free will be. I am going to find where I can buy the ingredients, I will make the flour, and then we will use it to make breads, cookies, and cakes. I will share my experiences with baking GF here. I really hope that everything turns out well, and if it does I will share the recipe with you. (I don’t believe in posting recipes online if you have not tried them out yourself).

Last night I bought gluten free pasta. We will be having it for dinner sometime this weekend, I’m very excited to try it out!


Fad Diet Day 24 – Beef, it’s what’s for dinner

Breakfast: Grilled chicken, left over still from last week. Lunch: The last bowl of 13 bean soup. Dinner: 18 hour pot roast with carrots and green beans. I ate a roll with dinner as Josh says I need a little grain in my diet still. Then I had seconds on the beef with another roll. Soon after my sugar craving was bad so I had a piece of gum, followed an hour later by a small helping of chocolate covered pomegranates.

Man, I almost made it through the day without cheating. I did have a much better outlook on life today and I felt more positive toward myself being able to accomplish this diet. Tomorrow I have a wedding, so we will have to see how that goes. Plus nothing prepared and ready for lunch tomorrow might pose a little problem as well.

Fad Diet Day 23 – Self Restraint…I mean…cupcakes!

I can see that at the end of one month I will be very unhappy with myself.

Breakfast: Edamame. Self loathing: 4 cupcakes (leftovers from Saturday’s wedding). Lunch: Finish eating the edamame from breakfast while not allowing myself to eat the lunch I prepared because of having consumed too many calories already. More self loathing: 1 more cupcake, eaten slowly in an attempt to give myself a stomach ache and maybe make myself throw up to fix the fact that I have eaten 5 cupcakes. Dinner: 2 eggs, scrambled, with ham, yellow onion, green onion, and mushroom. After dinner self loathing while pretending that it fits within my diet snack: One can of Bush’s baked beans.

If only there was a way to separate myself from all of these celebrations that call for food I can’t eat. I just don’t have the willpower to resist the food when it is so easily accessible. A birthday tomorrow, a wedding on Wednesday,  another graduation party this weekend, another birthday next week…and that is only counting the next 10 days! Why are we so popular? Why do I not have the self control that should come naturally with how strong my desire to loose the weight is? And why do I not weight an extra 200 lbs? All the cheating I have posted is less than half of what I would normally eat when not attempting in some fashion to practice self restraint.

Fad Diet Day 22 – Giving Up on Today

Breakfast: Hard boiled egg and a few sandwich slices of roast beef. Snack: snow peas, 2 cupcakes, some chocolate pomegranate morsels, a packet of gushers fruit snacks, a pineapple popcicle. Dinner: A delicious new york steak, steamed broccoli with lemon, a baked potato with butter and sour cream, a roll, and a glass and a half of moscato. After dinner snack: A second roll with a wheel of babybell sharp cheddar. Dessert: The gourmet popcorn from the wedding last night.

I decided shortly after breakfast that I did not feel well physically or mentally, and it was going to be really really bad if I tried to tell myself that I could not eat any of the things that I really wanted to eat. I have decided that I am tired of there being some sort of special occasion for my cheat days. It is actually limiting my ability to eat the things I really want to eat, and that it making it very difficult to go back to the diet for the following week because I feel like I missed out on my opportunity to eat delicious food. Plus, while there are a lot of dessert items that I would like to eat on my cheat days, I would like them to be in smaller quantities of availability to me. I want to have more choice in what I eat as opposed to only eating what is most easily available.

I feel that today was a better cheat day, and a large portion of what I ate was within the realms of my diet. Tomorrow I know that it will be much easier for me to continue with this diet and stick with it without cheating, as I did the first two weeks. Even with a full week blown, I hope that when I weigh at the end of this week it will not be too terribly painful.

Fad Diet Day 21 – Homecoming + Wedding = Too Much Dessert

Breakfast: Shaggy and Amanda spent the night after the party, so for breakfast I made waffles for us all. They cleaned up all the mess from the party before they left. It made me really really happy, because it is what I would do. But I never expect it from other people.

Lunch: For lunchtime we went to the missionary homecoming for my cousin Ben. He has recently returned from Russia, and it was a great opportunity to spend some time with my extended family that I do not see very often. Josh and I provided pasta salad (as almost all of it was left over from the party). Some of the other things I consumed while there, mini cupcakes, cake, half an orange worth of orange slices, grapes, a few slices of homemade breads, and don’t forget the ruffles with french onion dip.

At the completion of the homecoming celebration I changed into a dress and Josh into dress pants and we headed off to the wedding reception of my boss’ daughter.

Dinner: We had planned on lunch at the homecoming and dinner at the reception. After there not being much “real food” at the earlier get-together we were looking forward to the amazing buffet I had heard so much about at work. We arrived at the reception and quickly discovered the lack of real food there too. The decorations were extravagant. The dessert table was the main centerpiece of the room. It was any dessert lovers dream buffet. There was a pasta salad next to a fantastic selection of specialty cheeses and specialty breads, along with a large array of fruits. Then over in one corner was a table of gourmet popcorn with the adjoining corner containing soda jerks making an assortment of sodas with any number of flavorings.

I had a cherry cream soda, two rolls with five different cheeses, some grapes, a chocolate covered strawberry, chocolate eclair filled with bavarian cream, macaroon, chocolate cupcake with mass amounts of frosting in the shape of a fancy flower, a snickers brownie, a chocolate pudding in a pastry shell, and I got a bag of popcorn to take home, caramel, almond joy and s’mores. By my second bite of food at the event my stomach was hurting, but I have never seen such fancy food in my life and I wanted to try everything.

I did not get to try any of the 15 different cookies, or the thing that was either a giant marshmallow dipped in chocolate, or a chocolate covered apple, or any of the other flavored brownies, or the other mass amounts of fantastic chocolate desserts that I did not even see. I never made it around the entire table.

After we were home both Josh and I were experiencing excruciating stomach pain. I forced us both to eat some chicken so that we had at least a little bit of meat in us. It helped a lot.

Fad Diet Day 20 – Graduation Party Night

Breakfast: Hard-boiled egg, half a slice of ham. Second breakfast: Two lemon cupcakes. Lunch: Forgotten at home. Dinner: Enchiladas with a Sunkist orange soda. Party food: Not sure if I want to even attempt to list everything consumed during the party, but here’s an adequate attempt. Three glasses of moscato. One hairy navel. One and a half high octane orange julius’. At least 4 cupcakes, many chips with 7 layer dip. Two bites of pasta salad. A small amount of meat, cheese and crackers. And a shot of tequila. Maybe more. Not completely sure.

Josh finished his time at Weber with the first 4.0 GPA of his life. As a congratulatory present I got him a GoPro Hero3 camera (white version). Our friend Amanda completed her Master’s degree, and shortly after was proposed to by her boyfriend Michael (Shaggy). So there were many multiple things to celebrate during the course of the evening. We met Alexandra’s boyfriend Nick, and hopefully did not scare him away by playing 7 deadly sins with the party group. All in all, a spectacular evening with a fantastic group of friends.

Fad Diet Day 19 – Baking Cupcakes

Breakfast: Half a slice of ham, fried. Lunch: 13 bean soup. Dinner: I licked the spatula at the end of the cupcake batter. And I tasted three tiny noodles to make sure they were al dente before starting the pasta salad. Plus Josh gave me a little packet of amazingly delicious gummies. They were Black Forest fruit filled fruit snacks. Best gushers I have ever had.

On the way home I stopped to buy cupcake liners. I came home with graduation plates, napkins, necklaces, cupcake liners (of course), a present for Amanda, as well as BJ. Then I picked up Josh at the house and we went grocery shopping. I got home at 9:30, and then made four dozen cupcakes, pasta salad and 7 layer chip dip. It is now nearly two and I am exhausted. So, good night.