Fat to Fit – Day 3

It was nearly a year ago that I ate a diet focused on beans and meat. When I passed my third successful day of “not cheating” I was exuberant. I succeeded in two straight week of successful healthy eating before I fell off the wagon.

Today I finished my third day in a row of working out. That’s right. I just exercised three consecutive days. On my own. Using my own willpower. Two years ago when I started Zumba classes. Of the 13 (or so) classes I attended in 8 months, I think two of them were within the same week. Up to this point, that was the most regular exercise routine I have ever followed.

I don’t know how many people will really understand what an amazing accomplishment this has been for me. I plan to keep this up as much, and for as long, as possible. I have scheduled to attend a convention this weekend. I anticipate walking constantly for three days, so I am not going to try and force myself to make time to work out during the weekend. But I will work out tomorrow, and then start up again Monday!

Today’s Fitness Blender routine was an upper body strength training exercise. As I don’t have a phsyioball, nor weights, I made due with what I do have. I used a blanket on top of a step-stool as my ball to lay on. Halfway through the routine I realized I could move the stool back a little and rest my head on the couch, that helped. And as I am terribly lacking in muscle tone for the moment, I decided that I would be fine with 1 lb weights. Thus enter cans of tomato sauce! At 1.25 lbs each, and easy to hold with a single hand, I have my perfect dumbbells. Once I tone up a little I will have to come up with heavier items. I’m thinking of duct-taping two cans together to create 2.5 lb weights.


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