Fat to Fit – Day 1

I can have “Day 1” as many times as I need.

I finally started a new thing. This morning I completed the first workout in my 8 week program. I have done workouts before, and this one was more difficult for me to push through than any I have done before. The routine itself was not extremely difficult, I am just farther out of shape than I have been before, and I have never really been in shape. But while pushing myself toward finishing the 30 minute video, I found that I have more reason to continue this time. I have real goals and desires that are stronger than ever before.

I have weighed over 180 lbs for 8 years, around and over 200 lbs for 5 of those years. My husband and I are soon reaching the 9 year mark since we met. He has never known a physically fit me. He only had a few months with me where I did not weigh 30 lbs more than him. He deserves to have a wife that can go on hikes, and actually have a good time. I deserve to look at family photos and feel like I fit in with the family, instead of being “the fat one”. I deserve to like my body, and for that, I will work out 5 days a week for 8 weeks. Hopefully by the end of that period it will be something I enjoy, and I will continue a fitness routine.


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