The first 8 weeks of my new life start NOW

I am beginning my 8 week exercise program by sitting at my computer. It might sound counter productive, but I am more serious about losing weight this time than I have ever been before.

I will probably not post consistent updates, but I do plan to follow the program through until the end. (And the idea I just had now gives me a stipulation that any time I miss working out I have to submit a blog entry as to why I did not work out.)

I have found and decided to participate in Fitness Blender’s 8-week fat loss program. They provide free instructional videos, and for only $10 you can get a pdf where they have listed out which videos to do on each day, in a specific order, for an 8 week period.

So here we go. At 204lbs (stupid Holiday season) I am ready to lose some weight! My (final and eventual) goal is somewhere between 170 and 150. I do not have a weight goal for the program. My goal is to actually exercise the 5-6 days a week of the program for 8 weeks. I know myself, it may take longer than 8 weeks to get through the program. But I will not accept failure!

You probably are not wondering about me possibly having new motivation for this. But this attempt is not fueled by my regular desire to lose weight. My new and improved self motivation comes in the form of a guilt-free $3000 when I reach 185lbs.

I have been unable to lose weight to make myself happy. I have been unable to lose weight to make my husband happy. I have been unable to lose weight to meet my health and fitness desires. Let’s see if I can lose weight for monetary gain.


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