1 Calorie…ah ah ah. 2 Calorie…ah ah ah.

After doing a lot of research on the subject of becoming gluten free, I have decided that I need to buckle down and do some serious calorie counting, healthy eating, and regular exercise before trying a intense diet change. Over that past few years I have made vast improvements on decreasing portion size. The “health rating” of my food has gone way up, and since moving to California where it really is more expensive to live and my income has not increased any, I am no longer eating out at all. I would safely say that I cook 13 out of 14 meals from scratch.

Previously when I counted calories, when I would get to the point of having eaten too many calories for the day I would do one of two things. 1) Stop counting calories for that day, say mentally that I went over, and continue eating, telling myself, “I will do better tomorrow.” or 2) Get angry at myself for failing and stop using the calorie counter completely. (And usually step 1 was followed by step 2 within a few days).

I started counting calories yesterday. Today I went over by about 500 calories. I forced myself to put everything I ate into my log. I will try to do better, and one of the main ways in which I am going to try and do better is to not beat myself up when I don’t have a perfect day. I will be better off with a few overindulgent days where I continue to track and learn and improve my eating habits, than to revert back to my norm of overeating and not caring.


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