Some days I don’t feel strong enough to live my own life. Some how I just keep on living. Making excuses and apologies for all the promises I break. Continually making new promises to myself, just so that I have something to beat myself up over having not done it.

I want to be able to write my true feelings and hardships here. Yet I find myself censoring everything I say to the great internets. I watch people I know spread their anger, their fear, their depression among the bits and bytes. Sometimes I envy the freedom to lay open the terror, but my rational mind tells me that by saying anything it is only a cry for attention, good or bad. Although that is pretty much what saying anything is for. We speak because we want someone to listen. I find myself being quiet too often, and wishing I had remained quiet more.


2 responses to “Speech

  1. You should be able to say what you are feeling. Sometimes it is for attention and others it is to really just make yourself feel better. Either way it is good to get it out and not let stuff fester inside of you! You can vent to me anytime you want!

    • Sorry I did not reply earlier. I appreciate your comments and support. It really does help to know that there are people that I can talk to. Thanks for being one of them, even if we have only seen each other once in the past 11 years. Good luck going back to work! I’m sure it will be tough with your new baby, but you will be just fine as well.

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