Monthly Archives: October 2013

Gluten or not to Gluten?

I have decided to go gluten free. I am posting this more for my own recollection of the day I started to make the change than for my attempt to let everyone know what I am doing. Josh is halfway through his third week of grad school. Three of his classmates have a gluten intolerance and yesterday he had a in depth discussion about it with them. He came home from school and explained to me that I have every major sign of a gluten intolerance. It is something that I have considered before, but I am so addicted to pastas, breads, cakes and pretty much everything that is filled with delicious glutens. I kept my thoughts about a possible intolerance to myself because of the fear that someone would make me give up the foods I love. Now, you must understand, in my mind I say someone with make, or force, me to do things, in reality it is my husband and family helping and supporting me with the decisions I make for myself. I use the excuse internally that someone is making me do things because then if I mess up I am letting them down instead of letting myself down.

Anyway, that was way off subject. One of the things that Josh explained to me, that I had never heard before, is that the intolerance for gluten is actually the cause of the addiction I feel to specific foods. This is the exact reason why I have decided to attempt to be gluten free. I am going to go about it at a much slower rate than I have ever done for any other dietary change. Because I now work from home I do most of the cooking, and Josh takes over when I feel I need a break (or when he wants to cook). I do all of the grocery shopping. We do not eat out barely ever. These are all factors that differ from when we lived in Utah that will be really helpful for this change to take place. Also, the huge movement created by the 10% population discovering they too have a gluten intolerance have made the availability of alternative foods vast.

We will continue to eat the things that we already have in the house, and I will start buying up GF products when we run out.

From a coworker a few years ago I acquired a recipe for “all purposed flour” that does not contain wheat flour. This will be the biggest test for how successful going gluten free will be. I am going to find where I can buy the ingredients, I will make the flour, and then we will use it to make breads, cookies, and cakes. I will share my experiences with baking GF here. I really hope that everything turns out well, and if it does I will share the recipe with you. (I don’t believe in posting recipes online if you have not tried them out yourself).

Last night I bought gluten free pasta. We will be having it for dinner sometime this weekend, I’m very excited to try it out!