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The Miraculous Return of Exercise

My back is sore.  My knees are sore.  And the rest of my body is just waiting until tomorrow to start hurting majorly.  I’ll be lucky if I can roll out of bed in the morning.  Four months without Zumba has made me weak.  With how busy we were from February through May I never managed to make it to bed early enough to get up at 4:45 to work out. 

But now the busy-ness has calmed down and I am really tired of being overweight.  The most I have ever worked out consistently was doing Zumba last December through January.  Two months.  Just think what I would look like right now if I had stuck with it for the last four months.  So instead, lets think of what I will look like four months from now when I go to class consistently two days a week.

I am looking forward to my stamina becoming greater so that I’m not dieing at the halfway point anymore. 

Today’s class was extra because they decided to have everyone were belly-dancing coin belts.  It was loud and musical and amazing.  It is always worth getting up early, but it’s hard to remember that when you’re snuggled up all comfy in bed.


Eating in Japan – Day 1

Since pretty much all we did in Japan is walk and eat, I will tell you about where we walked and about the food we ate.

Saturday/Sunday – May 19/May 20

Saturday morning we began our journey at 6:00am as we drove to the SLC international airport to head off to Japan.  As Josh’s flight was scheduled to depart a little more than one hour after mine, he escorted me to my flight and waited with me until I boarded.

Josh and Sarah at SLC airport

It is sad that people are no longer allowed to wait with their loved ones for their flights, it was nice to have him there with me.  Plus we ran into some friends who were also on my flight to Portland.  We purchased my flight with skymiles, via my fabulous mother, but since Delta flights are so expensive Josh and Jason both flew via another airline.  So I flew to Portland, OR and had a four hour layover while Josh left about an hour after me and flew to LA where he met up with Jason and the two of them flew out on Japan Air Lines.  Their flight was scheduled to arrive about 5 minutes before my flight.  Because they were going to arrive before me and we would not have the ability to contact each other in Japan we arranged for them to come meet me at my gate if they could.  If that was not an option for some reason we would meet before going through customs and at the latest we would meet at the baggage claim.

My flight was one of the worst flights I have ever been on, and not because of how long it was, or even because I had just started my period.  I’m not sure why but shortly into the flight I began to have gas pains which quickly turned to diarrhea which plagued me for the last 8 hours of the flight.  It was really not pleasant.

My flight arrived one hour earlier than scheduled.  So I decided to find out where the boys gate would be and wait for them to arrive.  I quickly discovered that they would be coming into a different terminal.  So I went through immigration and picked up my bags from the baggage claim.  I went to the main lobby and asked about how to get to the other terminal.  I needed to take a 10 minute shuttle over to the other terminal, but as I was walking away from the information desk I made a decision that would end up being the wrong one.  I went back and asked the attendant what time their flight was scheduled to get in. Because if my flight arrived one hour early I assumed it could have been the air currents and it was just as likely that they had also already arrived.  So I asked and the desk lady told me that their flight had arrived 20 minutes earlier, just shortly after mine.  So I made the decision that if they had arrived about the same time as me, the original plan had been for them to come to me, so I needed to stay in one place and wait.  Since they would also have to realize I was in the other terminal and would have to go through customs and baggage claim before finding out about having to take the bus over to me, I realized that I probably had a head start on them and could possibly make it over to their terminal before they got to the bus thing.  However, since the bus ride was 10 minutes long and there was a constant stream of rotating buses, with us not having any communication I knew that there was a possibility of us missing each other and I just did not want to risk it.  So I sat on a bench at the bus stop.  I realized that the airport offered free wi-fi.  So I used my ipod to send them both an email, just in case they logged onto their phones.  Sadly I had been misinformed.  My flight arrived early, but theirs did not.  So I should have gone over to their terminal and I would have arrived before they even got through customs.  As it was I ended up waiting for them for two hours.

Sarah alone in Japan

This is after about one hour sitting on the bench watching the buses come in and out.

View of Narita

This was my view of the Narita airport while waiting on my bench.

They were smart and had me paged through the airport, however where I was waiting outside I did not hear any of the pages.  It was sad that it took so long to meet up, so it was about 9:00pm by the time we made it to Shinjuku where Ian picked us up at the station.

We had a nice walk to the apartment in Nishi-Shinjuku and then had McDonalds burgers for dinner before passing out around 1:00am.  To our taste buds the McDonalds did not taste any different.  Although the Japanese do love their packaging!  Our takeout came in a large bag.  Inside that bag was Ian’s drink in a bag.  Each burger was wrapped and then also inside a bag and the fries were in their own bag.

I will post about Monday as soon as I finish getting it ready!