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Green Glasses and Orange Chocolate

Josh got his test results back for his second Zoology test.  80%!!!  I’m so proud!

On my lunch break on Friday I went to go order my new glasses.  It was a bigger ordeal than I had expected or desired it to be.  My eye appointment was last August.  It was around October or November when I picked out the glasses I want.  However, we were having a bit more of a struggle with money at that point with the holidays coming up and general life problems, so I decided to wait on the ordering of the glasses because Josh needed to get his contacts which were going to cost us around $90 and my glasses would be around $200 and were more of a want than a need.  So they wrote down what I had picked out.

I went in last week to order them and the lady at the doctor’s office said that there was nothing written down in my file of what I had picked out, so I looked around and found a pair that I thought were pretty close, but I had not brought my contacts so I could not actually see what they looked like on me.  So Friday I wore my contacts to work so I could go pick out new glasses.  I got to the office and had the lady pull out my file while I tried to find the pair I had picked out last week to see how they looked.  They were nowhere to be found.  The lady working on Friday however did find where they had written my first choice in my file.  Sadly they no longer carry that frame, however.  So I asked if she could still order it even though they don’t carry it.  She pulled it up online to show me the frames and make sure it was what I wanted.  They looked right, but according to the website they only come in yellow, pink and blue.  The pair I had picked out were green.  She called the company and the green style has been discontinued.  They did have some in stock so I decided to order them anyway.  So I have not seen these glasses since sometime in November and I just bought them.  So in two weeks I will hopefully be terribly happy with my new glasses!  They are a much thicker frame than I have ever had before.  I am really excited about them.

Friday night Josh and I went over the Chui’s house for dinner.  She made sloppy-joe grilled cheese sandwiches with provolone.  They were amazing!  Then after dinner we were supposed to go swimming.  All three of us at the same time offered to go if the others wanted to go, but each individual did not want to go.  It was funny, so we did not go swimming.  Chui had been so thoughtful with dinner to help with my sugar cleanse in making sure that there was no sugar in the food.  Then when she decided that we should have dessert after dinner she decided to do strawberry shortcake.  Ha ha.  So I made it 2 3/4 days without sugar.  That strawberry cake was SO worth it!!

Josh got called into work Saturday morning, so we got to make a nice trip into Ogden for quite a few hours on Saturday.  I was feeling a little depressed because of receiving a bill from my allergist saying that my insurance paid nothing toward my shots.  So Josh made me come to Ogden with him so I wouldn’t sit at home alone all day.  I ran errands while Josh went to work.  I spent most of my time at Zurchers talking to my sister on the phone working on some finalized ideas for the baby shower.  I did run to JoAnn’s in an attempt to figure out what color of ribbon I have so that I can order more of it.  They don’t have a very good supply of ribbon though and didn’t even have anything close to what I need.

Saturday night we had dinner over at the Lester’s house.  It was fabulous food and even better company.  It was so great to see Livi, Jani and Ibis (for a few seconds before the poor sick girl went back to bed)  and all their cute little childrens.  We spent the rest of the night working on homework.  We got a small paper done for Zoology and about 6 pages of Japanese done.  We have 15 pages of Japanese left to do by Wednesday.

Homework, homework, homework.  I made a nice big breakfast to help with the studying.  Scrambled eggs with bacon, mushrooms and cheese, toast and sausage.   Later in the day while Josh was still working on Japanese I made chocolate orange brownies from scratch and then cleaned the kitchen.  Josh’s second-cousin Chris came over for a visit and brought a friend.  They stayed and chatted for a while and now it is back to the homeworks.

Weigh in info, what you are all here for, ha ha.  Here are the stats:

Sarah Work:  First 202.2, Second 197.8, Third 198.6, Fourth 199.0, and Fifth 198.8.

Sarah Fat Camp: First 195.6, Second 194, Third 197.1 and Fourth 195.6 (ha ha, same as my starting weight!  This is why I never really lose…I just fluctuate within the same 8 pound range.)

Josh Fat Camp:First 168.2, Second 166.9, Third 169.8, and Fourth 167.6.

Man, getting sick right after starting a weight loss thing is not the best idea!  It wasn’t even the good sickness that makes you lose tons of weight really fast.  Next time I get sick I want one of those.


Exercise Flail

I want to lie and say that I was good today.  However I did not get up and go to Zumba this morning.  It has now been three weeks of not exercising.  I had a very restless sleep last night and when my alarm went off at 4:45 I knew that I needed to get up.  I knew that it would make me feel better, I would have a great time and it would improve my entire day.  However, even being cognative enough to have those thoughts I did not have enough drive to get out of bed.  It is sad to say, but if Josh had been awake enough to tell me to go I would have.  But he was still sleepy and told me that I would be happier if I went, which I already knew.  I do regret not going, but just as I knew I would when I changed my alarm to 6:30.  So there’s no surprise to my not feeling very well mentally today.  Hopefully it will improve.

Today was another successful sugar free day.  Two days down, woot!  At lunch time today I went to Good Earth with my coworker Sarah where I bought some sugar free all natural peanutbutter cookies.  They are delicious!  They use fruit juice as the sweetener in the cookies.  I’m feeling really good about making it one more day without sugar, I don’t know if I will make it an entire week, but I will just keep working on it day by day.  For some reason if I expect too much of myself I am much more likely to fail.  I know I have a good chance at surviving two weeks without sugar, but setting the goal at three days makes it much more feasible.  There is a yoga class I just found out about on Thursday nights in the same location as the Anime Club that Josh and I go to, so I may start doing Yoga while Josh is at club.  I am going to try and make it up for Yoga on Saturday.  Especially after missing so much exercise time.  I’m really hoping that the weigh ins will start to show lowering numbers instead of increasing ones.  Speaking of which I still need to get the $5 into the Big Fat Loser jar for our gain from last week.

No New Shoes

I  had so many things in my head that I was planning to write until I actually sat down to write them.  Lets see what I can remember.  I am very proud of my Josh, in his advanced billiards class he made it to the final round in the tournament and took second place.  It did make the class time run over quite a bit, but I brought him dinner and then we were going to go do this shoe shopping we’ve kept putting off.  I fed him a gyro and it was delicious.  Within 5 minutes of eating his stomach started to hurt so bad that his description was that there was a monster inside trying to get out.  We did go to try and find him some tennis shoes because his current pair are so horrible they need to be thrown away.  Sadly we found the pair that he liked but they did not have the right size and the closest store that has the right size is in Bountiful.  He is sad about not getting new shoes tonight.  Not sure what we are going to do.  It took until we got home for Josh to start feeling better and he is still not all the way okay yet.  I am sad for my Josh.

Day one of sugar cleanse was a success.  I was able to avoid eating anything with processed sugar.  Wish me luck, hopefully I will make it at least three days.  Goal is a week, would probably be better if I can make it two weeks, but I’m not going to hold my breath for that.  It is so hard for me to avoid the sugars!!  Ahhh!

My hands have been itching all day.  Actually most of my body has been all itchy.  Stupid allergies.  Soon I can take a benadryl and go to bed and not itch.  I’m looking forward to not itching!

Yeah, my day was not really too exciting.  Not sick any more.  Yay.

From Worse to Better

I feel a huge pit in my stomach.  There is no reason too but I have the overwhelming urge to go hide from the world.  Sometimes I wish I was a less functional human and would give in to these urges instead of just working through them.  I know that is a small difference that makes a huge effect on my life, such as being able to hold down a job.

For some reason writing down a list of daily objectives helps to calm me, as does talking quietly to myself.  Handling things sorta okay now.

On my lunch break today I went to the post office and mailed out Nikki’s baby shower invites.  Phew!  Now I can get started on all the other stuff I still have to do to get ready for the shower.  There’s just a little over three weeks to go!  Also on lunch I got my first dose of allergy shots with my new vials.  They start at a low does whenever the batch is made again because it is a stronger concentration.  So I got .15mg of each of the three vials and I have four more weeks of going once a week, then I will be back up to my standard dose and will go in once every 2-3 weeks for the shots.  My arms are just a little puffy, but as I’ve found out through trial and error so long as I keep a hoodie on after getting the shots and keep my arms a really warm temperature then they do not get terribly itchy.  However my neck is feeling really stiff and sore and my ears are starting to feel a little clogged.  In the past I have taken a benadryll because of the affects of the shots, but it made me so groggy at work that I swore to never work while on bendaryll again.  Not fun.  If I’m still having any issues by the time I get home I will usually take one then.
I am glad that I am finally feeling 100% better from that forever-long cold and was able to go get started on my shots again.  I found out at my checkup a few weeks ago that over the last two years they have still not increased me to the full maintenance dosage and I was unaware.  When I went to get my shots today I noticed that they still had me listed at the lower maintenance dose.  I mentioned it and we will find out next week what the decision is, I thought that Dr Lyons had told me we would work me up to it now, since I have not reported any problems with the shots for over 7 months now.  Interestingly enough every time I had asked them about my reactions they said it was normal.  Then come to find out I was put on a minimal dose because of my reported reactions, does that make them sound normal?  All I can figure is that I was having worse reactions than most people when I would get my shots.  Near the beginning there were times where my entire upper arms would swell and hive, other times my elbow and shoulder joints would become inflamed and swollen and would not move much.  Some days we had to ice my arms for hours so that I would not cry because the injection sites hurt so much.  Many times it would quickly go past itching and I would just feel pain instead.  Some times the injection sites would remain hard lumps under my skin even up to two weeks after the shots.  But again, I have not had anything that I would not consider “normal” in many many months.  I would describe it now as a large mosquito bite that itches for 2-6 hours and then disappears, usually within 24 hours.  If you think this all sounds horrible, let me tell you, these shots have helped my allergies tremendously.  It is completely worth it to be able to go into a lake and not have my entire body covered in hives because the water was cold.

Feeling oh so much better.  After I got home I washed all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen while Josh worked on Japanese homework.  Then I made a quick teriyaki beef stir fry with whatever we had around which ended up being yellow onion, carrot, mushroom and beef with our homemade teriyaki sauce.  Had this over niko niko rice.  It was delicious.  After dinner I helped Josh work on more Japanese for another couple of hours.  It is really fantastic to be feeling like myself again.  I’m glad to have the energy to do some cleaning and be helpful again.  Now for some snuggles and time for beds.

Presidents Day Lethargy

A few moments ago there were a few loud bangs and Josh and I ran out into the back yard to watch some beautiful fireworks.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen fireworks on President’s Day before, but they were full sized and very lovely.

Today was the first day of steak day, so we had steak and baked potatoes and rolls.  It was much better steaks than Saturday.

Today has once again not gone as planned.  I finally don’t feel sick today, but I started my period so felt very blah and worn out.  Josh was extremely tired and actually took a nap for a little over an hour.  The lethargy of both of us made it so that neither of us were up for going shopping for new glasses and new shoes.  It will have to wait for another time.

Now that I am feeling better I am all about trying to start working out again.  Here I come 5:15 Zumba!  I will be there tomorrow so be prepared!!

Weeklong Catchup

It has been a very long week of being sick and going to work and trying to enjoy my 28th birthday and doing things with people while trying to get better and not cough too much.  I’ve been typing up little blurbs to blog every day, but they are mainly just little quips and complaints about being sick.  I am going to put all the things I already typed up and just didn’t post over the last week beginning with the beginning of the week and leading up to today so that it will be in chronological order.


I went to the grocery store this morning before going to meet up with the carpool.  I decided that I needed Dayquil to survive the day.  I pondered my choices for a few minutes longer than I had and decided upon the cough suppressant and expectorant Dayquil.  But as I could buy the one bottle for $9.50, or I could buy a Dayquil/Nyquil combo pack for $14 I decided at the last second to get the combo pack.  I did not realize that the combo pack was different than what I had been looking at and bought the wrong one, so now I get to live on just the cough only meds.


Today is going to be the longest day ever.  I am declining fast.  This morning I felt better than yesterday, but that wore off around 9, and I was hoping that the new medicine dose at 10:30 would help get me back on my feet, but not yet.  I have really painful sinuses, a headache and my left ear keeps randomly throbbing.  My nose is stuffy and running at the same time and it is red and sore because of trying to fix that problem.  My teeth on the left side are also all achy.  I can’t believe that it is only 11:30.  Gahh….too much time left!

I have decided to try double fisting my cough drops.  One cherry Halls and one Cherryhoney Ricola.  Hope it’s tasty.
How did it go?
That was a horrible idea!  The first minute was really bad.  Together I can tell that the Halls is uber sweet and the Ricola is super tart and bitter.  The difference is starting to subside and as they meld together my mouth feels amazing and numb.  My nose is clear and painful as I breath through the menthol.  I don’t even have the urge to cough.  Lovely.
I am a horrible sick person.  When you’re sick you’re supposed to not feel well and stop eating and feel worse and lose weight.  I have been exceeding my caloric intake all week because of not feeling well.  Here I am, not even 3 and I’m extremely hungry again.
Going back down into headaching throat killing land of pain…oh look, time for more dayquil!


To do list for today:  Stop Coughing

2/14/12 – Valentines Day

On the ninth day of sickness I got over my issues with blowing my nose in public.  I’m sure all my coworkers are appreciative.  I lasted until 2:00 and now I just want to go to sleep.

stress…no reason to be stressed.  Gahh.

Less that one hour later that stress has turned into full depression.  I really don’t know why.  Possibly everyone questioning me as to what I got Josh for Valentine’s day when I did not do anything for him.  Maybe my dependance on gift giving really is affecting me because I feel like I should be giving him something even though we discussed it and agreed to not do anything.  Maybe I will drive to Layton on my lunch break and see if I can find him some jammie dodgers.  I was a little sad yesterday because when I went to order my glasses the lady working could not find where we had written down which pair I had already picked out so now I will have to go back on another day when I have more time and try to find the same glasses I had already picked out.  I just called the British store in Layton and they are all out of jammie dodgers, so I will just not get anything for the Josh.  Sad day.  However I did get a code for a free movie rental from the red box.

Way too soon I am going to end up with another hole in my head.  I can’t stop scratching my face and ears and head.  Need to fix the itchings.


Last night for Valentines day Josh bought us a two pound box of chocolates and I rented “Midnight in Paris”.  We made steak and broccoli and artichoke with rolls.  While Josh did his massage for Dean I started the artichokes and attempted to start the grill but something had fused it shut.  I ended up having to move it and use the older, larger grill.  The steak was fantastic and the broccoli was some of the best I have ever had.  The rolls were amazing.  The artichoke was okay but not the best one I’ve ever had.  It was a fabulous Valentines dinner.  We invited our friend Chui over to watch the movie with us.  She brought a date, her puppy Daisy.  It was a very very good movie and a lot of fun to watch together.


So my birthday started out fabulously!! (that was sarcasm, I’m letting you know because you can’t hear my tone in my typing). I was awakened at 7:32am by a happy birthday phone call from my mother.  Sadly, I am supposed to leave my house by 7:25 to meet my carpool and head to work.  The latest I can leave my house is 7:35 to possibly have a chance to make it to work on time.  I made it out the door at 7:42.  I drove as fast as traffic would allow and arrived at work at 8:06.  If we are not clocked in by 8:05 we have to wait for 8:15 and take 15 minutes out of our vacation or sick time.  😦

Darcy had been telling me for a few days that I was going to have to wear a tiara and sash for my birthday so I was a little apprehensive of what to expect, but turns out that whatever she had for me was left at another coworkers house last night, so I will have to wait for tomorrow to see what she got me.  Since the gift had been left a little while later I returned to my cubicle to find that Darcy and Courtney had puked valentines all over my desk instead.  At the end of lunch Darcy brought me a strawberry cupcake.  It was very sweet of her.  Too bad it was only strawberry in the frosting and the cupcake tasted much more like a plain muffin.  Tomorrow we plan to go to see the new movie “The Secret World of Arrietty” and possibly dinner as a birthday thing, mainly because I really want to see the movie and tomorrow is the first day it is playing.  Still have not finalized the plans though.  Doesn’t seem like very many people will be able to come, but it was late notice as we didn’t know which theaters it would be playing at until yesterday.  Last night I spent the evening cutting out the invitations for my sisters baby shower.  Tonight I plan to do all the sewing and hopefully get them finished by this weekend so I can get them mailed out by Monday.  I was planning to get them done last weekend but I have just been too sick.  I’m still not completely better but I am definitely on the mend and getting to where I can move around a little and work on more than sleeping and sitting around like a log.  My left foot has been hurting for a few days now, I really have no idea what I did to it, it is driving me crazy, I am just trying to not limp too much.

Guess what Josh and Betty got me for my birthday!!  I got a new computer chair!  After I got home today Josh brought a giant box in from the porch.  There were apparently some issues with the shipping and it only just arrived today.  After it was brought in they wrapped it in blankets.  It was fun to unwrap a giant box covered in blankets.  Then once I got the box open Josh helped me put the chair together.  It is amazing and soft and leathery and just fabulous.  The computer chair I currently have is about 10 years old and cost $15 at Wal-Mart.  I am really just tickled that I now have a nice computer chair.  Someday I will even have a nice new desk, probably after I have my own home and that’s just fine.  Josh left work early and drove to Layton to get me an ice cream cake from Cold Stone.  We ate some after the present opening.  It is delicious, but I hope that somebody is willing to come over tomorrow and eat some because I will get fat if I have to eat all of it myself.

birthday chair

Ice Cream Cake2/19/12 – Present

Friday was an extremely long day at work followed by a fabulous evening.  Josh, Chui, Nariman and myself went to eat at a new restaurant in Ogden called Soul and Bones BBQ.  It was during their soft open, the grand opening is on Tuesday.  The newness of the place made the wait for the food take longer, but we had allowed two hours for the eating before our movie so all was good.  The food was absolutely delicious.  I  had a pulled pork sandwich with sweet potato fries.  Josh had the Gumbo.  Chui had the same thing as me and Nariman had a catfish po’ boy.  After dinner we went over to the Megaplex to watch our movie.  As we were sitting in the theater watching the previews up ran my friend and coworker Diana.  She had decided to join us but sadly I had not put online where we were going for dinner, but I was happy that she was able to join us for the movie.  It was absolutely amazing and wonderful, just as all Miyazaki films are.  After the movie I invited everyone over for ice cream cake, but did not expect anyone to be willing to come over with it already being 11pm and the ice cream cake was in Brigham.  Amazingly both Diana and Nariman agreed to hop a ride up with us.  So we went home and had cake and ice cream.  Chui went home to sleep and Diana and Nariman crashed in the game room.  Nariman got me a bottle of blueberry wine for my birthday.  Josh had to get up at 6 Saturday morning so he just gave our two guests a ride back to Ogden in the morning.

My Saturday consisted of preparing the box of invitations to send to my mom and getting it to the post office before they closed.  The portion that I will be sending out I will do later.  Saturday evening Josh and I got all dressed up to go to a banquet dinner at the Timbermine.  I felt very sexy with my leather pirate boots, bright pink stockings, black sweater dress and I loved the fact that my leather coat was a little bit longer than my dress.  It made me sing the Cake song every once in a while during the evening.  We picked up Joshes friend John on the way to dinner.  It was a decent award ceremony.  Josh’s boss was being inducted into a bowling hall of fame.  The food was what I have come to expect from the Timbermine which is not very good but edible enough.  It was a pleasant evening.  Sadly we had to go straight to bed when we got home because Josh had to get up super early again today to go to work.

Today has not been a very good day.  Weigh in was sad, I have gained 3.1 pounds over the last week.  Here are the latest stats.

Work weights by week:  First 202.2, Second 197.8, Third 198.6, Fourth and Current 199.0.

Fat Camp weights by week: First 195.6, Second 194, Third and Current 197.1.

Josh’s weight also went up this week.  He gained almost as much as I did with an increase of 2.9 pounds.  The two of us will be adding $5 to the group money jar this week.

I really hope that once I am completely better I will be able to start working out again.  The sedentaryness of the past week is starting to make Josh and I both rather testy.  He’s had a long day and has been nice and doting and helpful and I’ve sat around and done nothing all day long but I still feel like crap and keep being argumentative about everything, I don’t know why I have to be like this.  My body has been achy and my foot just won’t stay pain free for more than a few minutes.  I’m so tired of it hurting.  I don’t like having to limp around everywhere.

Tomorrow Josh and I am planning to go pick out my glasses and get new tennis shoes.  I really hope that it will be a better day.

Low Key Sick Sunday

A long day of being sick.  I am feeling slightly better than yesterday, but still not very well.

First off, weight trackings.  Friday weigh in at work was 198.6 which is only .8 pounds more than last weeks 197.8, that’s less than a pound gained and not too bad.  I had remembered it as being two pounds more so actually writing down the numbers and having it not even be a pound surprises me.

For the Sunday fat camp naked weigh in I had a lovely 194 even which is a loss of 1.6 pounds from last weeks 195.6 and Josh was 166.9 which is a loss of 1.3 pounds from his initial 168.2.  Percentage-wise I apparently was the weekly winner of loss for our fat camp group.  It feels good!  I have decided to do a personal prize for losing a certain amount of weight.  Since it took a lot of work to get under 200, but it has been almost two years since that mark and I still have not yet seen 190 I think it makes sense to set that point for every ten pounds.  So for every ten pound benchmark I will buy myself a new hat.  This thought makes me happy.

Today consisted mainly of sitting around feeling sick and watching TV.  Josh made pancakes for breakfast, they were delicious.  I received a large amount of phone calls today, much different from my normal amount which is none.  The best call was from our friends Vahni and Jonathan who live in England.  It was so lovely to be able to talk to Vahni.  I feel bad that I was not a better conversationalist as I pretty much just tried to not cough too much.

When I was taking a shower Josh came into the bathroom to let me know that our friend Juli was calling to invite us over for Valentines cookies.  She has the same sickness I do so we decided it would be fine to go over.  About a minute later Josh came back into the bathroom and threw a large cup of cold water over the shower door onto me.    I screamed loud and long and now have to plan some amazingly devious way to get back at him.

So we went over to Juli’s, whom we call Chui, and had some delicious cherry cookies.  Then we were supposed to go take some over to the Websters, but I started having a coughing fit as soon as we got back outside and decided to just go straight home.  Now I am just hoping to be able to survive another sick day at work tomorrow and hopefully get better as soon as possible.  I have been invited to go watch “The Vow” with Cassie and Chui tomorrow night, it will be fun to go out with the girls, even if two of us are sick.